Information on Oxycontin, Oxycontin Addiction, Oxycontin Abuse

Information on Oxycontin

Information on OxyContin has recently included more information on OxyContin abuse because of the controversy and widespread abuse. Information on OxyContin shows that the prescription drug is an opioid and is very similar to heroin and morphine. The drug company that produces the prescription provides information on OxyContin but has recently been asked to reduce the dosages available due to abuse of the drug. Treatment Referral provides treatment information on OxyContin because we understand the frustration of being addicted to a legally prescribed medicine. If you need information on OxyContin treatment, we hope that you will call us today to learn more about this powerful drug and how it will continue to ruin your life unless you get help.

OxyContin abuse can create a severe physical dependence for many people that leads to addiction to the drug. If you have ever tried to stop taking OxyContin and have felt flu-like pains such as bone pain, diarrhea, cold flashes and vomiting or sleeplessness, you are probably physically dependent and will find it impossible to withdraw from the drug without professional help. Treatment Referral offers the professional help in a serene setting that maximizes recovery from OxyContin. If you or a loved one needs help, please call us today for more information on OxyContin recovery treatment.


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