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Information on Prescription Drugs

Information on Prescription drugs is readily available from your doctor and the drug companies themselves but tragically there is not enough information on prescription drugs in respect to addiction and dependence. Information on prescription drugs tends to promote the benefits of the drug and this is understandable since many millions of people use prescription drugs successfully to solve a wide variety of physical and emotional ailments. However there is a significant percentage of the population, about 10% according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse who need more information on prescription drugs potentiality for addiction and dependence. If you or a loved one is taking more than the prescribed dose and is feeling guilty about an increasing dependence on pills despite trying to control usage, we at Treatment Referral would like to provide you with some very valuable information on prescription drugs. Treatment Referral offers a treatment plan that will not only provide educational information on prescription drugs, but offer a solution that promotes long term sobriety and a break from dependence on prescriptions.

If you or a loved one cannot go several days without prescription drugs, feels guilty or ashamed about prescription drug abuse or has ever lied or done anything illegal to obtain prescription drugs, we can help. Call Treatment Referral for life-saving information on prescription drugs and treatment for addiction and dependence.


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