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Prescription Drugs Side Effects

Prescription drugs side effects vary by drug and amount but perhaps the most obvious of prescription drugs side effects is it indication that addiction and dependency has developed. Prescription drugs side effects include desirable and undesirable feelings. If using drugs did not cause pleasurable prescription drugs side effects then addiction would not be the problem that it is for this country. The fact is whether it's Opioids, CNS depressants or stimulants, prescription drugs side effects cause a euphoria that creates a desire to use more of the drug for a certain percentage of the population. Unfortunately, prescription drugs side effects also include life threatening complications and can consume all aspects of the user's life.

Prescription Opioids like OxyContin, Vicodin, Dilaudid or Demerol are often prescribed for chronic pain or found in cough syrup. These drugs block pain transmissions to the brain and can cause physical dependence, withdrawal symptoms and full blown addiction. Addiction and physical dependence creates a need to take more and more of the drug which can have a fatal effect by depressing the respiratory system to dangerous levels.

CNS depressants have a similar effect on the body and mind. Prescription drugs side effects of this type include the extreme opposite of their intended purpose. Feelings of drowsiness may be replaced by hyperactive brain activity when the drug is not continued. Addicted individuals find themselves taking much more than the prescribed dose in order to feel the euphoria that they crave.

Stimulants are prescribed less than CNS depressants and Opioids but are no less addicting and dangerous to the body. If you are concerned with prescription drugs side effects perhaps it is time to talk to someone about a possible addiction and seeking treatment. Treatment Referral can help you sort out your situation and offers a real solution to prescription drug dependence. Please give us a call today.


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